OE21TM Management Analyst Pricing & ROI 

Let's make it simple: $800 per manager - A minimum of 4 managers and you have it all!

Wasn't that nice that you don't have to scroll everywhere to find out the price?

So now let's see what all your organization receives at this fantastic price.

There are six (6) OE21 Management Analyst Certification Courses; each described on our Training page. 

Each course is designed for either all or one of four (4) focus teams, just as we present in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 - Management Analyst Certification Program for Organizations


Q1 - What type of organizations is the OE21 Management Analyst Program designed for?

  • Business, Nonprofits, Healthcare, and Government organizations with at least 60 in their workforce.

Q2 - Can one person, by themselves, pay the $800 fee and get the training, standards, and tools?

  • Not unless we have a specific arrangement with that person, as we will have for certain military candidates.


.Q3 - How do I enroll four or more participants in the program?

  • Send an email to crm@hpo21institute.com and tell us your company name and the number of managers or leaders you would like to enroll. We will reply with a simple quote and a Site License Agreement. Your company will be billed for the amount of $800 x participant number (minimum of four participants or $3200) when executed.


 Q4 - How do my participants receive the 27 OE21 Standards and 72 Decision Support Tools?

  • As soon as the Site License Agreement is executed, we will ask for a contact person at your organization responsible for publishing files and content on your organization's Intranet (non-public pages). We will transfer a copy of all Decision Support Tools (spreadsheet models and surveys) to your contact person. We will assist them online in setting up a special OE21 web page containing links to all tools. Then we will provide a login/password to gain access to our online OE21 standards. At that point, your organization has all tools and content to start your training and certification process. 


Q5 - Must participants attend regular online meetings with the provider of the OE21 standards and tools?

  • No. Our program is designed to be self-paced by participants and the focus teams they belong to. If necessary, we will initiate online meetings to provide requested support or help. 

Q6 - How much time will participants spend to complete the Management Analyst Certification Program?

  • From our years of experience with earlier OE21 models, we expect your participants to spend 1-2 hours per week over a six-month period. Some participants may speed or slow the schedule, and you will chart your own schedule. If your participants have many high workload weeks, then your completion schedule is likely to be slower.

Q7 - What requirements must participants meet to complete training, implementation, and certification?

  • A good PC, high-speed internet connection, and access to Microsoft Office Suite 365 (Excel is required). The participant can be anywhere in the world and can work on the program anytime, 24/7.

Q8 - Can I view a demo of the OE21 Program online before I decide to purchase the program?

  • Yes, if your organization sends a requesting Email to crm@hpo21institute.com and includes the message your organization's name, Site location, and the number of employees at that Site. We also have a video demo that we will give you access to when we receive your email.


.Q9 - Who issues the Management Analyst Certifications, and on what basis? 

  • Refer to our Certification page. The answer is that YOUR organization issues the certifications to your own participants when they complete the training and implementation of the 27 OE21 standards and 72 decision support tools. This is our Unique Value Proposition! Why pay an outside certification agency when the real value is not what you proved you know or learned - but what you also performed! Remember the CEO Goal - Boost financial, market, customer, operations, and workforce results. Just ask your CEO to look at Figures 1 and 2 on our Certification page. 

Q10 - Is there a Certificate for the Management Analysis Certification? 

  • Yes, see a description and an example on the Certification page;

More Questions? Please email them to crm@hpo21institute.com.

Return on Investment (ROI)

OE21 INVESTMENT - Assume your organization has 600 employees and 60 managers (a typical 10:1 employee to manager ratio). We would recommend that you enroll sixteen (16) participant managers in our Management Analyst Certification program. This would be at a cost of 16 x $800 = $12,800.We would recommend that the 16 participants would be assigned to the following teams:

  • Leadership Focus Team (2 leaders)

  • Customer Focus Team (4 managers)

  • Operations Focus Team (8 managers)

  • Workforce Focus Team (4 managers)

Based upon our experience with over 1100 organizations (about 50K users).and with our earlier versions of OE21 standards and tools, we firmly believe that the above scenario will serve the organization well, achieve the CEO goals of measuring and boosting the performance of the financial, market, customer, operations and workforce results.

OE21 COST BENEFITS - Our experience is that the benefits for your OE21 Investment would be calculated along the lines of this scenario. Of course, you would substitute our numbers with the actual financial data for the organization.   :

  • Suppose the 600 employee organization receives about $24 Million in annual revenue ($40K per employee)

  • Suppose this same organization has a gross profit of 8%, which translates to about $1.92M (Gross profit = Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold). This gross profit would mean that the annual Cost of Goods Sold would be about $22 Million. 

  • Next, let's suppose our very conservative estimate that the implementation of OE21 Standards and decision support tools help the organization reduce its Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) by at least one percent (1%) annually, which would be a reduction of $220,800 from the COGs.

  • If this investment of $12,800 for OE21 yields a cost-savings of $220,800 then your ROI is nothing short of awesome! In fact, if you use a good ROI calculator you would be talking about an Annualized ROI (two years) of 315.33%.

  • Note that we have not added the very likely additional ROI due to our projection that an increase in Sales will also be driven by the implementation of our outstanding Customer Excellence standards, and tools within the Customer Focus Team.

  • DISCLAIMER - Our ROI estimate is not guaranteed, and assumes that your OE21 implementation is successful. Of course, your CFO and Management Analysts will likely want to do a more detailed analysis of the ROI, including taking into consideration the hours that your leaders and managers expend working on the OE21 implementation. We encourage this analysis and we will be happy to provide additional estimates for OE21 implementation hours in order to make sure you are satisfied that your OE21 Investment is a great one.

How to Receive a Quote or Purchase

Please send us an email to crm@hpo21institute.com 

In your email, please include the following information:

  • Your first and last name

  • Your phone number 

  • Your job title 

  • Your organization website (URL)

  • Your organization address (city, state, zip)

  • The number of employees in your organization

  • The number of managers in your organization

  • The estimated date you would like to begin your OE21 Program Training or Implementation

We will treat the above information as your Request for Quote (RFQ). We will respond with our Quote, answer your questions, and provide suggestions tailored to your organization.  

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