OE21 Purchasing and Pricing Information

OE21 Training

There are six (6) OE21 Training Courses and each of these are described on the OE21 Training page:

. :

  • Course 1 Organization Excellence Introduction

  • Course 2 Leadership and Strategy Excellence

  • Course 3 Customer Excellence

  • Course 4 Operations Excellence - Work Processes

  • Course 5 Operations Excellence - Operational Effectiveness

  • Course 6 Workforce Excellence  

  • Leadership Excellence Training: Courses 1 and 2 are required to receive the Associate Internal Consultant - Leadership Excellence certificate. The total price for the two courses is $800 per participant (student). Participants of this training should be senior leaders (see description on the OE21 Training page). Example: two participants would cost (2 x $800) = $1600. .

  • Customer Excellence Training: Courses 1 and 3 are required to receive the Associate Internal Consultant - Customer Excellence certificate. The total price for the two courses is $800 per participant (student). Participants of this training should be marketing, sales, and customer relations/support managers (see description on the OE21 Training page). Example: two participants would cost (2 x $800) = $1600. .

  • Operations Excellence Training: Courses 1, 4, and 5 are required to receive the Associate Internal Consultant - Operations Excellence certificate. The total price for the three courses is $1200 per participant (student). Participants of this training should be product/service design, creation/production, delivery, or support managers, as well as project, process, quality, supplier, risk, and administrative manager  (see description on the OE21 Training page). Example: two participants would cost (2 x $1200) = $2400. .

  • Workforce Excellence Training: Courses 1 and 6 are required to receive the Associate Internal Consultant - Workforce Excellence certificate. The total price for the two courses is $800 per participant (student). Participants of this training should be marketing, sales, and customer relations/support managers (see description on the OE21 Training page). Example: two participants would cost (2 x $800) = $1600. .

Who is eligible to enroll and participate in OE21 Training? We want you to know upfront that we do not offer our OE21 Training to any one individual. Our training is only available to organizations (businesses, nonprofits, or government organizations that wish to enroll a minimum of four (4) participants on a single purchase order.

How many leaders and managers should an organization enroll? See "Our Recommendations and Guidelines" on the 

OE21 Training page). 

How to enroll participants and to pay the OE21 Training price - Just send us an email to crm@hpo21institute.com and tell us when you are available for a quick call. We will discuss your organization's needs, the number of employees at your site, and then recommend the roles and numbers that would be ideal. No pressure or up-sell. If you want only a minimum of four (4) participants we will provide you with a quote and a link to pay on our secure ShopIfy.com credit card transaction site. Once you pay, your participants can begin their OE21 training (self-paced, 24/7). 

OE21 Implementation


Once your organization OE21 training participants have completed their OE21 training, you should have at least one leader or manager from each of the four focus team areas (Leadership, Customer, Operations, or Workforce Excellence).    

When you enroll in our OE21 Implementation Program your organization receives the following ITEMS:


  • A. OE21 Online Login/Access - PRICE: $2,500.00 USD for one year access. Your organization receives login/access to our award-winning OE21.net online suite of twenty-seven standards and links to about sixty (60) decision support tools consisting of spreadsheet models, online surveys, and several reference documents. The OE21 standards and decision support tools are routinely upgraded and modified to continue ahead with improvements. As these changes are released, your organization will be notified of the availability at oe21.net. Only those with authorized OE21 login/passwords will receive these updates. FYI, during your OE21 Training, you received assignments that followed these same OE21 Online standardized procedures and tools.

  • B. OE21 Decision Support Tools - PRICE: $0 (included in item A). There are about sixty (60) tools sent directly to your organization for your internal use and protection of all data that you input into these tools. These tools are spreadsheet models, online surveys, and several reference documents that you receive, manage, and input data into during your implementation and after implementation. The spreadsheet models and reference documents will come to your organization via a Drop-Box or Microsoft One-Drive transfer process.

  • C. OE21 Surveys - PRICE: $15/month subscription to www.surveymethods.com.The OE21 surveys will come to you via www.surveymethods.com, using a "copy from our survey account to your survey account" process. Your organization must subscribe to www.surveymethods.com first, then after you provide us your account ID, we will export e a copy of our OE21 surveys (about 30 total) into your new survey account. This gives you complete control over all data that your organization inputs to the surveys. FYI, our suggested surveymethods account is currently (2020) priced at $15 per month, with the option to cancel anytime.


Your organization may also choose to purchase either or both of two Optional Services::

  • D. (Option) OE21 Implementation Coaching - PRICE: $3250.00 USD (26 hours delivered at one hour per week ($125 per hour). Our highly experienced OE21 coaching is recommended to help keep your focus teams motivated and moving steadily toward the desired outcomes (improved RESULTS in financial, market, customer, products/services, and workforce engagement and output, We suggest your focus teams meet with our coach online for one hour per week over a six month period. Our implementation coaching helps your teams overcome unplanned resistance to change in any work units or departments in your organization. We also help with any difficulties in understanding and working through the steps in the OE21 standards, and how to use the various tools to your best benefit.

  • E. (Option) Organization Strategy Consulting - PRICE: To be Determined. In the event that your senior leaders are concerned about their approach and/or progress in strategy planning and implementation we offer to connect your leaders with one or more of our strategy consulting partners, or our OE21 creator, Mr. Chuck Mitchell. See Chuck's bio.  See Chuck's customer list. Either Chuck or his consulting partner will negotiate the number of hours and the price for this optional strategy consulting service.

Figure A provides an example Pricing for an organization with 600 employees: In this scenario, we divide the 600 employee size by 15 (1:15 ratio of manager to employees is average in most organizations). So 600/15 = 40 active users, which are what we call managers and leaders who participate in OE21 implementation activities.


Figure A also includes the pre-implementation OE21 Training estimate that twelve (12) managers who completed training. We assumed that eight managers were trained in Leadership, Customer, and Workforce teams at $800 per participant, and the other four were trained in Operations at $1200 per participant. Note that Operations participants have three OE21 courses, while the others have two courses.

Figure A - Example OE21 Pricing for an organization with 600 employees.

Return on Investment (ROI)

OE21 INVESTMENT - Assume your organization has 600 employees and 40 active users as shown in Figure A. The OE21 total investment for OE21 Training,, Implementation (Items A, B, C) and Optional Coaching (item D) would be a total of $16,950.   

OE21 COST BENEFITS - Our experience is that the conservative cost benefits for your OE21 Investment would be something like this scenario:

  • The 600 employee organization might receive about $24 Million in annual revenue ($40K per employee)

  • This same organization might have a gross profit of 8%  or $1.92M (where gross profit = Revenue - Cost of Goods Sold). This gross profit would mean that the annual Cost of Goods Sold would be about $22,080 Million. 

  • We believe that the implementation of OE21 Standards and decision support tools should help the organization reduce its Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) by at least one percent (1%) annually, which would be a reduction of $220,800 from the COGs.

  • If an investment of $16,950 for OE21 yields a COGs saving of $220,800 then your ROI is nothing short of awesome! In fact, if you use a good ROI calculator you would be talking about an Annualized ROI (two years) of 260.92%.

  • DISCLAIMER - Our ROI estimate is not guaranteed, and assumes that your OE21 implementation is successful. Of course, your CFO and Management Analysts will likely want to do a more detailed analysis of the ROI, including taking into consideration the hours that your leaders and managers expend working on the OE21 implementation. We encourage this analysis and we will be happy to provide additional estimates for OE21 implementation hours in order to make sure you are satisfied that your OE21 Investment is a great one.

How to Receive a Quote or Purchase

Please send us an email to crm@hpo21institute.com 

In your email, please include the following information:

  • Your first and last name

  • Your phone number 

  • Your job title 

  • Your organization website (URL)

  • Your organization address (city, state, zip)

  • The number of employees in your organization

  • The number of managers in your organization

  • The estimated date you would like to begin your OE21 Program Training or Implementation

We will treat the above information as your Request for Quote (RFQ). We will respond with our Quote, answer your questions, and provide suggestions tailored to your organization.  

How many organizations have used our standards and tools?  See our Customers list

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