OE21TM Program Implementation

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OE21 Program Implementation (How it Works)

OE21 Program Implementation Training Prerequisites:

  • A minimum of four (4) leaders or managers must have successfully completed OE21 Training and have received  Certificates for Associate Internal Consultants; specifically:

    • One or more person will have received both AIC-OE and AIC-LE Certifications (Leadership Excellence)

    • One or more person will have received both AIC-OE and AIC-CE Certifications (Customer Excellence)

    • One or more person will have received both AIC-OE and AIC-OPE Certifications (Operations Excellence)

    • One or more person will have received both AIC-OE and AIC-WE Certifications (Workforce Excellence)

  • At least one (1) member of the organization's Information Technology (IT) department must have received both AIC-OE and AIC-LE Certifications (Leadership Excellence)

  • At least one (1) person who has received any of the above training Certifications must be assigned as Facilitator (FAC) for the other team members. The FAC should be very capable and knowledgeable in the selection, installation, and support of computer software programs, including Microsoft Office 365. 

  • Suggestion: As you move into Implementation, It is wise to have at least two (2) leaders or managers assigned to each of the four OE21 Focus Teams, as a backup in case one person becomes unavailable.

OE21 Program Implementation Desired Outcomes:  The desired outcome for the organization is to boost the existing performance of the financial, market, customer, operations, and workforce results, to high-performance organization levels which place the organization as "best in class and value" versus competitive or comparative organizations. Focus Team leaders should take every opportunity to reinforce the OE21 Desired Outcomes and to motivate all involved to focus on boosting RESULTS, defined as:


  • 7.1 Product, Service or Program Results - design, production, delivery, and support 

  • 7.2 Customer-Focused Results - marketing, sales, customer relationships, customer support 

  • 7.3 Workforce-Focused Results - workforce environment, engagement, workforce/leader development

  • 7.4 Leadership and Governance Results - leadership, governance, strategy development/implementation

  • 7.5 Financial and Market Results - organization financials, marketing, (market share/value growth)

Note: Leaders and Managers can learn more about the details of organization excellence RESULTS by studying the Baldrige Excellence Framework (Category 7 Results), available from N.I.S.T.   

OE21 Program Implementation (What You Receive):

  • A. OE21 Online Login/Access - Your organization receives login/access to our award-winning OE21.net online suite of twenty-seven standards and links to about sixty (60) decision support tools consisting of spreadsheet models, online surveys, and several reference documents. The OE21 standards and decision support tools are routinely upgraded and modified to continue ahead with improvements. As these changes are released, your organization will be notified of the availability at oe21.net. Only those with authorized OE21 login/passwords will receive these updates. FYI, during your OE21 Training, you received assignments that followed these same OE21 Online standardized procedures and tools.

  • B. OE21 Decision Support Tools - There are about sixty (60) tools sent directly to your organization for your internal use and protection of all data that you input into these tools. These tools are spreadsheet models, online surveys, and several reference documents that you receive, manage, and input data into during your implementation and after implementation. The spreadsheet models and reference documents will come to your organization via a Drop-Box or Microsoft One-Drive transfer process.

  • C. OE21 Surveys - The OE21 surveys will come to you from www.surveymethods.com, using a "copy from our survey account to your survey account" process. Your organization must subscribe to www.surveymethods.com first, then after you provide us your account ID, we will execute a copy of our OE21 surveys (about 30) into your new account. This gives you complete control over all data that your organization inputs to the surveys. 

  • D. (Option) OE21 Implementation Coaching - Our highly experienced OE21 coaching is recommended to help keep your focus teams motivated and moving steadily toward the desired outcomes (improved RESULTS in financial, market, customer, products/services, and workforce engagement and output, We suggest your focus teams meet with our coach online for one hour per week over a six month period. Our implementation coaching helps your teams overcome unplanned resistance to change in any work units or departments in your organization. We also help with any difficulties in understanding and working through the steps in the OE21 standards, and how to use the various tools to your best benefit.

  • E. (Option) Organization Strategy Consulting - In the event that your senior leaders are concerned about their approach and/or progress in strategy planning and implementation we offer to connect your leaders with one or more of our strategy consulting partners, or our OE21 creator, Mr. Chuck Mitchell. See Chuck's bio See Chuck's customer list.  

OE21 Implementation Pricing (see Pricing page)

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