OE21TM Certification

Five Certifications for Leaders & Managers    

Unit 1


Leadership & Strategy Excellence

Unit 2


Customer Excellence

Unit 6



Operational Effectiveness

OE21 Certifications

ASSOCIATE INTERNAL CONSULTANT - (AIC-OE) All managers and senior leaders must complete OE21 Training Courses before OE21 Implementation. The initial OE21 Certifications are "Associate" Internal Consultant until the participants finish successful OE21 Implementation. After implementation, the OE21 Certifications become Certified Internal Consultant (CIC).  

CERTIFIED INTERNAL CONSULTANT - LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE - (CIC-LE) – Leadership Focus Team: CEO, CFO, COO, CHRO…and other C-suite senior leaders responsible for OE21 standards B.1, P.1, P.2. 1.1, 1.2, 2.1,2.2, 7.4, 7.5 (Leadership & Strategy Excellence); senior leadership, governance, and social responsibility, strategy development, strategy implementation, and financial, market, strategy, and community results

CERTIFIED INTERNAL CONSULTANT - CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE (CIC-CE) – Customer Focus Team: VP Marketing, Sales Managers, CRM Managers responsible for OE21 standards 3.1, 3.2, 3.2a, and 7.2 (Customer Excellence); including the voice of the customer, customer engagement, opportunity marketing, and customer results

CERTIFIED INTERNAL CONSULTANT - OPERATIONS EXCELLENCE (CIC-OE) – Operations Focus Team: Product, Service, Program Managers, Project Managers, Design, Production, Delivery, Support, Supply-Chain, Quality and Risk Managers responsible for OE21 standards 6.1a, 6.1b, 6.1c. 6.1d and 6.2a, 6.2b, 6.2c (Operations Excellence); including design, process management, project management, process improvement, supply chain management, innovation management, process efficiency and effectiveness, safety, emergency preparedness, and operations results

CERTIFIED INTERNAL CONSULTANT - WORKFORCE EXCELLENCE (CIC-WE) – Workforce Focus Team: Talent Development, Learning Managers, Human Resource Managers, and Work Unit Managers responsible for OE21 standards 5.1, 5.2a, 5.2b, and 7.3 (Workforce Excellence); including workforce environment, workforce engagement, workforce and leader development and workforce results 

OE21 Certification (How it Works)

The HPO21 Institute OE21 Certification is earned by the managers and senior leaders (hereafter referred to as participants) of an organization, defined as a business, non-profit, or government site (physical location) where these people are employed. Some organizations have one primary location and these organizations are referred to by the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) as an “Establishment.”  Some organizations consist of two to many establishments and these organizations are referred to by the BLS as a “Firm.”


The OE21 Certification is for managers and senior leaders who meet the following criteria (refer to the six steps in the flow diagram at top of this page):


Step 1 - All managers and senior leaders (participants) must complete the OE21 Organization Excellence Training (Courses 1 through 6) and pass the Training Quizzes for each Unit, as described on the OE21 Program page. This self-paced learning and testing provide a foundation of knowledge and understanding for how to implement the twenty-seven OE21 standards and about sixty (60) spreadsheet models, surveys, and other documents. Each focus team member who successfully completes the OE21 Organization Excellence Training receives our certificate designating them as an Associate Internal Consultant for Organization Excellence. Once participants complete OE21 Implementation they earn the HPO21 Institute Certification as a Certified Internal Consultant

Steps 2 and 3 - Next the participants join their assigned OE21 focus teams (LFT, CFT, OFT, or WFT).


A very important advantage of OE21 is that its standards and tools are designed to be used initially as “benchmarks” - for comparing what the OE21 standard requires to what the organization is currently doing. The “rules of engagement” for this process are simple:


  1. Read and understand what the OE21 standard requires

  2. Determine whether the organization currently uses a process similar to - or better than -  the OE21 standard

IF "YES" then continue using the organization's current process

IF "NO" then implement the OE21 standard 

   3. Repeat the above for each of the standards assigned to the focus team (LFT, CFT, OFT, WFT)


Step 4 - After Steps 2 and 3, the OE21 Facilitator (FAC) or other person assigned by the Leadership Focus Team conducts the Implementation Audit. The Implementation Audit is a survey of questions about the details of implementation data and results that implementation creates. 


Step 5 -  The OE21 Focus Teams (LFT, CFT, OFT, and WFT) use the Implementation Audit Report to clear (fix or remove) any issues or problems found in the audits. When any deficiencies are removed, the final Audit Report results and data are presented to the leader (chairperson) of the Leadership Focus Team. After approving the final Audit Report, the LFT and FAC make sure that all OE21 spreadsheet tools and survey export files have the live, post-implementation data, and results inserted. These data and results are linked to the titles of each OE21 spreadsheet, survey, or document tools listed on the organization’s INTRANET OE21 MAIN PAGE. The FAC then notifies the HPO21 Institute that the organization is ready for the final step (certification). A copy of the final Implementation Audit Report (approved by the LFT) is submitted to the HPO21 Institute.  


Step 6 - The HPO21 Institute meets online with the organization’s FAC and LFT. During this online meeting, the FAC demonstrates the implementation by opening and displaying the contents (results) of each OE21 spreadsheet model and survey applied or implemented by the organization. When finished - and if the HPO21 Institute agrees that the validation is satisfactory - then the HPO21 Institute awards the OE21 Certifications to each of the organization’s participants (the members of the OE21 focus teams). 


What Participants Receive - Each participant of the above focus teams receives two documents to be proud of and to use as part of their careers:


Certification Document - (image)  - This document displays the individuals’ certification of successful implementation of one or more groups of OE21 Standards. Note that is is possible for any individual to participate in and complete more than one focus team certification. 


Capabilities Attachment - (image)  - This document is designed to be an “added-value” attachment to the individual's capabilities assets or bios. This attachment will help differentiate the individual from other managers or senior leaders competing for a new position in the organization. 

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