OE21TM Management Analyst Certification

Our Certification of Managers and Leaders is more valuable to your organization than most other certifications - because we link our certification to implementation and results. 

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Unit 1


Leadership & Strategy Excellence

Unit 2


Customer Excellence

Unit 6



Operational Effectiveness

How Typical Certification Programs Work

Figure 1 shows a typical Training and Certification Program for managers and senior leaders. Certification Associations or Educational Institutions most often follow this process. One of the more popular programs for managers was used to identify the steps, performers, and cost estimates shown in Figure 1. 

What CEOs and Training and Development Managers (TDM) should think carefully about is how the whole process is - or is not - going to end up with the desired end results. In most cases, the Goal of the CEO is to challenge the organization to improve Results, including financial, market, customer, operations, and workforce results. These results are what drives the profits and value of the organization to ALL of its stakeholders, including employees, customers, and the community.

As Figure 1 shows, the process involves multiple organizations and the process ends with managers receiving certifications. The question we have for CEOs and TDMs is does the process accomplish the Goal? 

If you look at this objectively, it appears that the real WIFM is aimed at the Manager who benefits from the organization who pays for all this and yet may or may not achieve the goal of the CEO.

In fact, the Manager's career and pay increases may be enhanced without much benefit to the organization. Still, this is the way the process is working. 

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Figure 1 - Typical Manager Training and Certification Program

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How Our Certification Program Compares


Our OE21 Management Analyst Certification program is designed specifically to give the CEO, other senior leaders, and managers of the organization what they need to boost results: standardized procedures, and decision support tools that lead to significant improvements in overall Results.

The key benefits of our process are unique and found nowhere else. Think about this carefully:

  • How long do you wait for managers to receive training and pass certifications before they actually get to work measuring and boosting results? Six months? One year? Longer?

  • The OE21 Program gets leaders and managers engaged and measuring results on day 1 of the program. The CMA-IC Certifications are earned by implementing - not just passing a certification test.

Sound Interesting?

Our certification process logically follows the new trend toward "internal consulting." 


The OE21 badges and certifications are awarded only to the managers and leaders who have successfully completed the OE21 standards.


There is one certification for all participants in all teams:


  • Certified Management Analyst - Internal Consultant (CMA-ICTM)

There are five "badges" earned by participants as they complete the OE21 standards:

  • Management Analyst - Workforce Excellence (MA-WE)

  • Management Analyst - Operations Support Processes (MA-SP)

  • Management Analyst - Operations Key Processes (MA-KP)

  • Management Analyst - Customer Excellence (MA-CE)

  • Management Analyst - Leadership Excellence (MA-LE)

There is one certification for all participants in all teams:


  • Certified Management Analyst - Internal Consultant (CMA-ICTM)

See the Program page to learn more about OE21 standards and their unique focus teams.