New for 2020! CMA-OETM 


 Certified Management Analyst Program

“Our Certified Management Analyst - Organization Excellence program is a fast, inexpensive, and low-risk path to exceptional ROI for your managers, leaders, and Talent Development program.”

Enroll your leaders and managers in our Management Analyst Certification Program. They will apply 28 standardized procedures and 75+ decision support tools designed around the world's best management system framework to measure and boost organizational performance. 


Our CMA-OETM ​is the most advanced and effective model for developing organization managers and leaders into internal consulting champions, armed with a proven framework, knowledge, standards, and tools for boosting the organization's financial, market, customer, operations, and workforce results to high-performance levels required in today's competitive climate.

What is unique about our CMA-OETM program is that our certification is earned only through the actual implementation of our standards and the application of our decision support tools to measure and boost performance. 


When CMA-OETM program standards and tools are implemented and results boosting is well underway, your managers are certified by the OE21 provider organization.

As your leaders and managers earn their CMA-OETM ​they measure and boost key organization results, including the results appearing in the OE21 Results Excellence Dashboard shown here.

OE21 Results Excellence Dashboard

Certified Management Analysts measure and boost key results shown on the above dashboard. These key results get all leaders and managers aligned and engaged in boosting performance, and working to achieve these outcomes:

  • Higher financial and market performance

  • Process cycle time and cost of goods sold fall (more profit)

  • Customer-perceived value of your products & services rises

  • High-Quality products and services are created, produced, and delivered

  • Managers and leaders become more focused on results!

  • Employee disengagement rates fall (engagement rises)

  • Worker turnover and absenteeism rates fall (higher workforce retention and satisfaction)


Why should ordinary managers become Certified Management Analysts


Higher Salaries and Job Outlook. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the outlook for future management jobs is very good with higher than average salaries and job outlook for management occupations - especially Management Analysts. See Management Analyst pages in the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook. 

Getting Ahead of Job Competitors. Many people are competing for organization management jobs. To succeed against the army of competitors for these great jobs, managers need to differentiate themselves from the majority by showing that they are more valuable to the organization than most others.  

Our Answer: Become a CMA-OETM

Suppose I am an ordinary manager. What's in it for me?


Globally, there are over 300 million organization managers. Over 10 million of these managers are in the USA. Note: These statistics are from the International Labour Organization (ILO) – World Employment and Social Outlook 2019 and the U.S.A. Bureau of Labor and Standards.  

So how do you complete, get hired, and climb the success ladder to the senior leaders level?

Job seekers who complete our self-paced Certified Management Analyst program receive our Certification Certificate with Resume Addendum that shows everyone that you have special skills and capabilities that are of great value to the organization and its leaders. In short, you position yourself to be a better organization investment for the long term.


Sound interesting? If so, we invite you to look at our new Certified Management Analyst Program 

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