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Internal Consultant Champions!

OE21TM is a highly effective organization manager and senior leadership "learn-and-implement program for business, nonprofits and government organizations. This is a hands-on "learn and apply" program that measures and boosts results. The results we are talking about includes all the blocks you see in the OE21 Results Excellence Dashboard shown here. 

What happens when you guide your organization managers to measure and boost key results?

  • Your talent development managers use new tools to improve career paths for managers & executives 

  • Your HR and work unit managers drive employee disengagement lower (now at greater than 50%)

  • Your operations managers drive process cycle time and costs (including COGS) lower

  • Your customer managers boost the customer-perceived value of your products & services

  • Your senior leaders plan and execute strategies that move them ahead of their competitors 

  • Your organization managers become highly valuable Internal Consultants


What is in it for those who seek Management Occupations?  


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook for future management jobs is very good with higher than average salaries and job outlook for Management Occupations.

About Competition in Management OccupationsLots of people are competing for organization management jobs. Globally, there are over 200 million organization managers. Over 8 million of these managers are in the USA. So how do you complete, get hired, and climb the success ladder to the senior leaders level? 

Question: How should 21st Century Managers compete with 200M others?

Answer: Learn and Use OE21 to become Certified Internal Consultants

The Case for Internal Consulting. One way a manager can differentiate themselves from competing with all these managers is to invest time and effort to become an Internal Consultant. 


Internal Consultants have far greater knowledge, better procedures and decision support tools than average managers. Internal Consultants help their organizations achieve the results that CEO's demand.


We are talking about the financial, market, customer, operations, and workforce results that businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations seek. Nobody has anything close to our OE21 program. 

Sound interesting? If so, then we invite you to take a good look at our new Program for guiding organization managers to become Internal Consultant Champions!

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